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Missing most or all of your teeth can make it difficult to confidently take on daily tasks like eating, speaking, and even smiling.

Our custom-made dentures look and function like natural teeth to enhance your appearance and self-esteem.

Dr. Paul G. Culver can design and place your life-like dentures at his Sun City West, AZ, practice.

Restore Your Oral Health
and Confidence
The Many Ways Dentures Can Benefit Your Smile

Enhance Your Appearance

Several missing teeth can cause your lips and cheeks to look sunken and make you appear older than you are. Dentures restore facial structure to give you a more youthful-looking smile.

Boost Your Confidence

Dentures look and function like natural teeth, allowing you to confidently chew and speak in public. When dentures are supported by dental implants surgically placed in the jaw, patients never have to worry about them sliding out of place.

Improve Your Health

Missing teeth can cause multiple health problems. Restoring teeth with dentures can help you eat a more varied and nutritious diet, and implant-supported dentures can help reduce your risk of jawbone atrophy.

Experience a Fully Restored Smile
With Dentures
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Tooth loss impacts millions of Americans. Dentures can restore your smile, allowing you to eat the foods you love and speak with confidence. If you are suffering from tooth loss, our dentist can help. Whether you need a partial denture or full denture, we can help craft a custom restoration that looks just like natural teeth. 

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Real Reviews
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"Fantastic dentist. Tremendous in their field." Joe Sanders

Added Support
and Improved Oral Health
A Deeper Look Into the Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

Prevent Jawbone Atrophy

Our natural tooth roots stimulate the jawbone and help keep it strong. When we lose several or more teeth, our roots are no longer there to support our jaw, which can lead to jawbone atrophy. Dental implants are surgically placed to mimic our natural tooth roots, making them the only dentistry solution that can prevent jawbone atrophy.

Provide Maximum Stability

Unlike traditional full or partial dentures that can be removed, implant-supported dentures stay firmly in place, so you don't need to worry about them slipping while eating or speaking. There is also no need for messy denture adhesive, as your restorations are secured directly to your implants. 

See How Dental Implants and
Dentures Work

Dental implants are surgically inserted into the jaw. Your dentist will then secure your denture to the implant post. This eliminates the need for messy denture adhesive and provides superior stability for your dentures. There is no risk of slippage when you eat or speak.

Why Choose Our Practice
for Dentures?
We Can Do Everything In-House

Our team's skill, experience, and compassion are a few of the many reasons why patients continually choose our practice for general dental care. Our denture services also put us a cut above the rest: 

Same-Day Services

Our Sun City West office provides quick and convenient denture services. We can adjust and repair your dentures in a single visit. 

On-Site Lab

Other practices send your impressions to a lab to fabricate your restorations. We can do everything at our Sun City West office. Our on-site lab allows us to perform every step of your denture procedure in a fraction of the time. 

Customized Restorations

Your denture treatment is customized to fit your needs. We offer several material options like acrylic, ValPlast®, zirconia, porcelain, and IPS e.max®. We also do hand finishing to create dentures that perfectly fit your smile.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It Read Why Customers Love Our Dental Practice

"I went in for a reline and was greeted by friendly people. Terry was the gal that did my dentures and she explained everything in detail to me as she was doing it. My reline came out perfect. Would definitely recommend Az Dentures to anyone." Judy Roderick

Are You Ready To Fill
the Gaps in Your Smile?
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A new set of dentures can completely transform the health and function of your smile and your overall quality of life. As a dentist with over 40 years of experience, Dr. Culver understands what it takes to create a healthy, beautiful smile after significant tooth loss. He uses advanced dentistry tools and techniques to help restore your smile with dentures. Dr. Culver creates customized restorations to meet each patient's unique needs. 

Our practice also offers comprehensive treatment options to handle your every dental care need. Even if you are not a good candidate for dentures now, our dentist can address any oral health issues to improve your candidacy. You can receive general, restorative, and denture care all under one roof.

Contact our Sun City West, AZ, practice to request your consultation.

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A Traditional Denture Timeline What to Expect During Treatment

The process for traditional dentures is typically quick and easy. 

Our customized dentures are made in-house to perfectly fit your needs and aesthetic goals. 
Our customized dentures are made in-house to perfectly fit your needs and aesthetic goals. 


You will first meet with Dr. Culver to review your oral health and denture candidacy. He will recommend the type of denture he thinks will best suit your needs and budget.


Any preparatory treatments like tooth extraction or gum treatment will be completed before you are fitted for dentures.


Dr. Culver will take an impression of your mouth to create dentures with a comfortable fit.


After your custom-designed dentures are complete, you will come back to our Sun City West, AZ, practice for your fitting. Dr. Culver will make any necessary adjustments to ensure your new restorations look and feel their best.

Frequently Asked Questions  About Dentures

Q. How do I care for dentures?

A. To care for traditional dentures, you will remove them and brush them with a denture cleaner. It is also important to clean your gums and tongue to prevent gum disease. If you have implant-supported dentures, you will treat them just as you would natural teeth: brush and floss twice daily. No matter which type of denture you have, be sure to maintain regular dental exams and cleanings.

Q. How long will my dentures last?

A. With proper care and maintenance, your dentures can last for 15 years or longer. It is important to remember that the porcelain will wear over time and will eventually need to be replaced.

Q. How much do dentures cost?

A. This will vary for each patient due to their unique needs. For example, a partial denture will typically cost less than a full denture. If you need preparatory treatments like periodontal care, bone grafting, or dental implants, this will also affect your costs. After your initial consultation, we will be able to provide an accurate quote and verify insurance coverage to maximize your benefits.

Q. Do you offer financing to help cover my denture treatment?

A. We accept CareCredit® to help finance your treatment. This affordable financing option allows our patients to break the cost of their treatment into affordable monthly payments. 

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We Give Sun City West A Reason To Smile

"Dr Paul and Terry are a marvelous team. Go to them first for all denture work unlike me who luckily found them after a costly snap in denture disaster. They are experts and are not satisfied until you are. They explained everything and made me feel confident I would be happy with the finished denture. I am delighted with my denture because I know what lousy work feels like compare to what’s in my mouth now Do yourself a favor and go to them first." LINDA FREEMAN
AZ Implant & Denture Center

AZ Implant & Denture Center

Dr. Paul G. Culver and the team at AZ Implant & Denture Center are committed to improving the oral health of Sun City West and helping the community feel confident with their smiles. Some things that set our practice apart include:

  • Free consultations
  • Same-day denture repair
  • Financing options
  • Emergency services
  • In-house dental lab
  • Handicap-accessible facility

To request an appointment at our comfortable modern office, please fill out our simple online form or call (623) 214-7898.

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