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Dental Crowns

Patients throughout Sun City West, AZ, have struggled with broken or decayed teeth — and they've found relief with dental crowns.

Dr. Paul G. Culver has treated patients since 1982 and Dr. Keith Cooper is board certified, making our dentists a team you can trust.

You've spent a lot of time focusing on the problem. Now, it's time to let AZ Denture Center focus on the solution: your dental crown.

Emergency Care Available

Have you broken a tooth or noticed bleeding or pus? You may be having a dental emergency. Luckily, our Sun City West team offers emergency treatment, including crown placement. Acting fast makes it likelier that we can save your tooth without a crown or extraction.

Why We're Sun City West's Trusted Dental Office


Raneem Makhoul


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I've been a patient at the AZ Denture for many years , Dr. Paul is the best dentist he is so Knowledgeable and professional I am so happy with my new crowns , I recommend him to all my family and friend thank you for all your help

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I finally found the dentist who I can trust and the office where we feel welcome and comfortable I recommend AZDenture centerfor all my friends and family thank you Dr. Paul for all the help you gave me

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How Does Crown Placement Work?

If you need help with a damaged tooth or teeth, Dr. Culver and Dr. Cooper are here. Crown treatment at our Sun City West, AZ, dentistry practice will look something like this.
Lost a tooth? Need an extraction? You could be eligible for an implant-supported dental crown. Though healing takes 3-6 months, implants can last a lifetime.
Lost a tooth? Need an extraction? You could be eligible for an implant-supported dental crown. Though healing takes 3-6 months, implants can last a lifetime.

Dental Consultation

You can come to our Sun City West dentistry office, or we can have a team member visit you. During your free dental consultation, they'll listen to your symptoms, examine your tooth, and explain your options, like dental implants and traditional crowns.

Traditional Impressions

We use accurate traditional dental impressions to ensure that your crown will fit securely over your natural tooth. This also lets us create a more lifelike restoration — one that blends in easily with your unique smile.

Crown Creation

Once Dr. Culver or Dr. Cooper has taken traditional tooth impressions for your crown, we will send them to our trusted dental lab in nearby Tempe. The fabrication process takes two weeks, allowing technicians to attend to every detail — including hand-finishing each restoration.

Crown Preparation

In order to make sure that your zirconia crown fits as snugly as possible, we will reshape your natural tooth. You shouldn't feel any discomfort. Because you've chosen a dentistry practice with zirconia crowns, you also will need less material removed, due to their thin but strong composition.

Crown Placement

Once your zirconia crown has been made, you can return to our office for placement. Our dentists will securely attach your crown using a reliable material like dental cement. Once it's set, we'll give you a look at your crown, so we can make sure you're happy with your teeth.

Can't Make It to Our Office? Let Us Come to You

Our dentists know that not every patient has the ability it to make it to our Sun City West office — but that doesn't have to stop you from getting treatment.

We truly care about the community here, which is why we can coordinate transportation to bring you to our accessibly-designed office. Or, we can simply have a professional come to you, so that you can have a helpful consultation from the comfort of your own home.

Best of all, your initial consultation is completely free. To learn more about the process, contact our friendly Sun City West team or call us at:

(623) 214-7898

Dedicated to Excellent Materials: We Choose Zirconia Over Porcelain for a Reason

Why do Dr. Culver and Dr. Cooper use zirconia crowns, as opposed to porcelain ones? Simple — restorations made from zirconia are:


Chewing exerts a huge amount of force, and so does teeth grinding — a common reason why patients need dental crowns. Zirconia restorations are far stronger than porcelain ones, making them an excellent choice.

Less Intensive

After breakage or decay, we want to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible. Zirconia crowns do just that, since their thin but tough material allows us to shave away less of your tooth than we would for a porcelain restoration.


Both zirconia and porcelain crowns are beautiful and natural-looking. However, their strength and easier placement are what help zirconia crowns stand out compared to porcelain crowns.

Every Detail Counts With Our Dental Crowns

dental crown being hand-finished
Our zirconia dental crowns are strong and lifelike, offering results that last. We choose to send our measurements to a trusted lab, where your high-quality crown will be created. For a beautiful final touch, each dental crown is completed using hand-finishing.

Sun City West, AZ, Patients Trust Us When They Have Tooth Troubles


Kim Allen


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I was welcomed right away. My concerns were listened to. Very professional, knowledgeable, accurate and all my questions were answered. The staff is pleasant, considerate and went above & beyond to help me. I highly recommend them!!!

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Brandon Wood


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I highly recommend this place if you need any work done the staff was there with me through the entire process and really made me feel like I was important to them. I will be using them for everything I need from here on out !!!10/10 would recommend using

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Paying for Your Dental Crown

Our Sun City West, AZ, dentistry office offers several ways to pay for your treatment:

Dental Insurance

Crowns are often necessary to protect the health and structure of your tooth. That means most kinds of dental insurance will cover a percentage of the cost.

Cash, Check, or Credit

You're also welcome to pay for dental treatment using cash, checks, or major credit cards like Visa, American Express, or Discover.

CareCredit® Financing

Have additional costs not covered by dental insurance, like implant placement? Our dental team accepts low-interest financing from CareCredit®.

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AZ Denture Center

Dr. Paul G. Culver and the team at AZ Denture Center are committed to improving the oral health of Sun City West, helping the community to feel confident with their smiles. Some things that set our practice apart include:

  • Free consultations
  • Same-day denture repair
  • Financing options
  • Emergency services
  • In-house dental lab
  • Handicap-accessible facility

To schedule an appointment at our comfortable modern office, please fill out a simple online form or call (623) 214-7898.

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